partner cities

The highlighted cities are the main organizers of the project "European Literature Nights 2012 - 2014":

Literature Night is based on the premise of literature being the tool of mutual understanding and cultural exchange which helps to break down barriers. Organized by EUNIC (European Union National Institutes for Culture) Literature Night aims to offer the platform to present European contemporary writing in a creative way.

On May 16, 2013 between 7pm and 10pm a series of public readings will take place in attractive venues in the centre of Brussels performed by famous Belgian writers. In each venue 2 texts will be presented both in French and Dutch. Each reading will take 10min and will be repeated after one hour. This way the visitors can change places over the night to discover several European writers.

The concept of Literature night was founded in Prague and in 2012 over 10 000 audiences have participated in 20 readings in various places. Building on the success of Literature Night Prague and around Europe the EUNIC is bringing this project in Brussels. Literature Night is a European project and will be taking place in over 20 cities around Europe. To find out more please visit

Admission to the event is FREE.